• Cynthia Parker


Being included without a voice or a choice

For the sake of claiming diverse involvement, history has created a reputation that precedes itself when it comes to clinical trials. There has been a strong misrepresentation of the "X" factor populations. So as we migrate to present day issues, the lack of a diverse presence has resulted in misguided medication administration, and less than optimal outcomes in healthcare. Although people reach out to physicians and healthcare organizations for help, it is with apprehensions and hidden mistrust. Patients are expected to agree to suggested medicinal regimens with very little knowledge of their truths. Most patients don't know enough about their condition or their suggested medications to ask questions or voice their opinion. However, if facts and education specific to ethnicity were available to further elaborate on effectiveness, the difference could be a true game changer.

How fair is it that medical providers and pharmaceutical companies are allowed to direct and dictate medical regimens based on a common diagnosis that APPEARS to result positive outcomes based on "group" studies with diversely limited subjects? Truth be told…..it isn't. Because genetic makeup can be a contingent factor regarding the effectiveness of a medication, the obvious solution is to ensure participation of diverse populations.

A great deal of these clinical trials are conducted with minimal diverse inclusion goals. As long as there is a "token" subject to represent a minority, the medication gets a "pass", survives the approval process and ultimately unleashed into the healthcare population to treat a host of conditions and generate wealth between those that manufacture and those that prescribe. This conduct represents a huge negative impact on healthcare quality and outcomes. The industry itself has become saturated and infected with the practice of prescribing meds to treat symptoms without resolving the condition. It is this injustice that contributes to the high percentages for diseases such as congestive heart failure, renal failure, cancer and even sepsis.

Matters would be better served by having a complete and thorough understanding of the patients and what makes them who they are. That can only be achieved by starting at the beginning, before the here and now, but yesterday. Family health history has a strong impact on individual wellness and demands the support of genetic research. Certain conditions share common ground with those who are genetically linked.

Acclinate's goal is to welcome diverse populations to the "IN" crowd where everyone is not only INcluded, but also INvolved.

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